I am a freelance writer and editor currently living in Vancouver, BC. I have published criticism, articles, and fiction that have appeared places like Broken Pencil Magazine, Weird Canada, and Cottage Life. I hold a certificate in Magazine and Book Publishing from Centennial College, and I had the pleasure of learning about book publishing first-hand from the amazing people at ECW Press.

My scope of interest is wide. I love not just writing, but also art, design, and publications as physical objects. I studied music performance at Grant MacEwan University and have been playing in bands no one has ever heard of since 2003. I care about issues of social justice and try my best to live an accountable life.

I play in the garage-punk band Pleasure Blimps. I also played the drums on this album by Vancouver indie-pop band The Boyfriends. My own half-formed musical ideas live here.

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