Need help getting your prose in order, ensuring your layout makes sense, or figuring out where to put that comma? I do that!

My editorial services include:

• proofreading
• copy editing
• substantive editing

Books I’ve copy edited or proofread include:

Oscar by Mauricio Segura
The Pre-War House by Alison Moore
Playthings by Alex Pheby
Red, Yellow, Green by Alejandro Saravia
In the Black by B. Denham Jolly
+ A Dream Given Form: The Unofficial Guide to the Universe of Babylon 5 by Ensley F. Guffey and K. Dale Koontz
+ Beneath the Wake by Ross Pennie
+ I Don’t Want to Know Anyone Too Well by Norman Levine
+ Chasing the Dream by Ted Starkey
+ The Two of Us by Kathy Page
Ice Diaries by Jean McNeil
The Ultimate Guide to Treating and Preventing MMA Injuries by Dr. J. Gelber
+ Done Hunting by Martin Hunter
The Canadian in America by Brian D. Wruk

I’ve also edited theses, articles, marketing materials, and medical reports.

To discuss a project or ask about my rates, get in touch.